Career Profile

Working on web since 2007, started doing simple webstes in Joomla (never liked it), moved to some serious PHP in 2008 when I built an intranet with my boss Wbeimar Rodriguez (Twitter @wberod) for the company I was working for at the time, this system integrated all the departments in the company and was written in pure PHP. With the success of the development it was later sold to a partner company in the Filipines.

Then I started to work with frameworks like CI, Symfony and Laravel, getting to know the PSR recomendations and focusing on REST APIs for mobile applications. At the time I work with Jobsity for a company called Dom And Tom in the US building REST APIs in Laravel for different clients.

Skills & Proficiency

PHP & Laravel


Rest APIs

Javascript & jQuery




Lead Developer

2016 - Present
Dom & Tom (Through Jobsity)

Lead developer on building REST APIs and CMS for different projects and clients, using Laravel as the main framework.

Web Developer

2013 - 2015
Red Design Systems, Bogota

Building APIs for mobile applications and websites with PyroCMS

Web developer

2011 - 2013
Imaginamos, Bogota

Build websites using PHP, Pyro CMS and frontend stack like HTML5, jQuery and others

Web Developer

2008 - 2011
Bilateral, Bogota

Build and maintain the company's intranet in PHP


This are some of the projects that I have work on or that I currently maintain, most of my work is proprietary and I can't reference here

Jarvis App - A Laravel project for personal finances (Personal start up)
Empleo Laravel - A project for companies to post jobs for Laravel, PHP and Web developers in spanish, all jobs are posted in the Laravel Spanish comunity's Slack channel.
Hecho en Laravel Podcast - Host of the Spanish podcast about Laravel and PHP
Author in Laraveles - I write blog posts in the largest Laravel Spanish community

Open Source Projects

This are the open source packages I created and maintain.

Laravel API - Laravel API starter Kit will provide you with the tools for making API's that everyone will love in Laravel 5.1, it brings the power of Dingo/Api already set up to make it easier to handle routing, versioning, responses and much more.
Laravel API Tools - Some tools i use for my API development, handy stuff I always need.
Laravel Tactician - Laravel Tactician is an implementation of the Command Bus Tactician by Ross Tuck.